Fans Caught BTS’s Backup Dancer Switching Loyalties Mid-Performance

Fans spotted BTS’s dancer showing love for another idol while dancing to “IDOL”.

Eagle-eyed BTS fans noticed some surprising behavior from one of BTS’s backup dancers at last year’s Golden Disc Awards.


Toward the end of BTS’s “IDOL” performance, BTS and their dancers broke away from the choreography and to do some freestyle.


Fans noticed that one dancer was much freer with his moves than the others were!


In addition to being a backup dancer for BTS, Lee Gangyong is a member of the Red Crew dance crew…


He also happens to be a huge Chungha fan!


Who knew the choreography for Chungha’s “Roller Coaster” would work so well with BTS’s “IDOL”?


Fans were especially impressed with how skillfully Lee Gangyong transitioned from “IDOL” to “Roller Coaster”…


…and back again!


“Roller Coaster” is a total bop, so we can’t blame him for wanting to show his queen some love.

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Besides, fans expect anyone who spends a lot of time with BTS to be just as dorky as they are!


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