Fans Are Celebrating Henry’s Hollywood Debut In The Best Way

Henry’s Hollywood debut is already making some noise.

Former Super Junior member Henry has been cast in his first Hollywood role – alongside some pretty huge names in entertainment, including Dennis Quaid and Josh Gad.


He will appear in A Dog’s Journey, which will be co-produced and directed by Stephen Spielberg‘s Amblin Studios, Walden Media and Alibaba Pictures. A sequel to 2017’s A Dog’s Purpose, both films are based on the inspirational novels by W. Bruce Cameron, which follow a single dog’s spirit as he is reincarnated through the lives of four separate canines.


Details of Henry’s role aren’t confirmed, but fans are reacting in hilarious ways on social media, celebrating Henry’s success so soon after leaving SM Entertainment and signing with The Cre8tive Lab.


Of course, netizens are also congratulating him for the achievement.

  • “You’re so cool Henry, becoming an actor!”
  • “He is working with Steven Spielberg, on their next movie ‘A dog’s journey’. I’m so proud and happy for him. He really deserves it.”
  • “After watching him on I Live Alone I think he’s incredibly talented and has so much potential, I’m so glad he now can branch out and work on more projects outside of Asia!”
  • “Congratulations, you deserve it!”
  • “Fighting!”
  • “He’s fully prepared to become an international star. He’s such a talented guy.”
  • “I’m so proud!”
  • “Congratulations Henry, you’re amazing.”
  • “Artist or actor, whatever you do I’ll support you.”
  • “Holy wow! I loved A Dogs Purpose and now Henry is going to be in the sequel!!? Must see!”


Some are making jokes and commenting about his former agency.

  • “Didn’t he wrap up a Chinese movie relatively recently? It’s great to see that he’s making moves without the backing of SM.”
  • “Henry post-SM has been killing it!!!!!”


Check out the movie trailer below:

Source: News1