Fans claim AOA members looks like real life Barbie dolls

When AOA made an appearance at a music festival in Thailand, fans immediately compared the girls’ amazing figures to Barbie dolls.

AOA and other idol groups recently performed Bangkok’s DC Summer Festival on April 11, and as soon as they made their appearance, fans were stunned by the girls’ unreal beauty.

AOA wore matching pink dresses that revealed their slim legs and highlighted their adorable faces. As soon as they got on stage, fans began comparing their looks to Barbie dolls, and with their incredible figures and perfect complexion, it’s easy to see why.

While the event received criticism for some of the Thai MCs’ comments toward the Korean artists, the AOA girls remained bright and cheerful throughout the event!

Check out AOA in their charming pink outfits below! 

AOA look amazing as they elegantly pose on the red carpet.
They’re all wearing the same dress, but each member shows a different vibe

AOA prove to be really popular abroad, as crowds of fans came to meet them.
They all look like real Barbie dolls, with their perfect figure and looks.



They remain just as charming while dancing

Source: Dispatch