Fans Claim BTS RM Wore A Male Thong On Stage

It looked like RM was wearing a jockstrap on stage!

Anything that BTS wears on stage gets screened by their eager fans straightaway.


Take RM, for example. A photo of his underwear immediately led fans to speculate that he was in fact wearing a jock strap!


Versace’s latest season collection included the Medusa Head Jock Strap and many netizen detectives deduced that this must have been the underwear he was wearing.


When fans zoomed in on the photo, it appeared that a bit of skin was exposed below the underwear’s waistband, supporting the conclusion that he was indeed wearing a jock strap.



A picture of RM from another angle, however, appears to have dashed that theory as his pants rode low and exposed what looked like a printed pattern where, if he had been wearing a jock strap, his butt would be.


This evidence pointed to the likelihood that what RM was wearing was not Versace’s jock strap, but their Barocco Istante Print briefs.


A bit of a saucy argument between fans but only RM can answer for his choice of underwear.