Fans claim EXO Baekhyun’s shoulder blades look like wings

EXO‘s Baekhyun is known for his charming good looks, but he also revealed to fans that he’s secretly an angel.

On December 10th, EXO performed in Osaka, Japan for their EXO’RDIUM concert tour and Baekhyun revealed to fans he’s an angel because he secretly has wings on his back.

The members watched in fascination as Baekhyun asked the members to help him disclose the “wings” on his back. Baekhyun kneeled down with his back facing the audience as D.O. held a towel above his head so that only his back was showing.

Chanyeol gently pressed his hand in the middle of Baekhyun’s back and Baekhyun’s “wings” were revealed.

A fan captured the fascinating moment on video. Check out the video below!

Currently, EXO is on tour for their EXO’RDIUM concert tour. EXO is also preparation for their December comeback and recently released their Coming Over album in Japan.