Fans claim Irene’s butt looks huge in these shorts

Red Velvet‘s Irene recently wore tight shorts in a recent performance and fans couldn’t help but notice her amazing figure!

Irene has always been more of a modest beauty who seems to look gorgeous and cute even when she doesn’t try. But that doesn’t mean she is shy to revealing more of her sexy side. The lovely idol can transition to and from any concept of her choosing and has even donned the sexy concept in the past.

After wearing tight blue shorts during a recent performance, fans were amazed at her incredible S-line and slender legs. In a candid camera shot, Irene is seen performing with grace and elegance while wearing shorts that accentuated her incredible assets.

Fans were able to capture another instance of Irene wearing shorts while performing “Dumb Dumb” at the Jamsil Sports Complex as well. It looks like cute isn’t the only style that Irene can pull off flawlessly!