Fans claim these 2 idols look better in Gucci than anyone else

To become a model for Gucci, you have to be sultry and sexy, and these two idols definitely fulfill those requirements.

BTS‘s V and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie both can effortlessly switch from being sexy to being cute. In other words, they have a prime aspect modeling agencies are looking for in their models.

A user on an online community uploaded several pictures of V and Jennie looking like perfect Gucci models, in which they exemplified all of their best qualities that a Gucci model would require, along with their impeccable fashion sense which was influenced by Gucci and their products.

Upon seeing the photos of V and Jennie, netizens immediately commented on how they weren’t surprised to see Jennie in the post and commented that their elegant and classy appearance was definitely up to Gucci standards.

Check out their runway-worthy photos below and tell us what you think!


V’s black and gold satin suit looks like it’s actually Gucci.

Gucci is renowned for its luxury look and focus on elegance and sexiness.

V’s stylish choice of jumper with red and navy stripes at the collar are reminiscent of Gucci’s use of grosgrain.

V’s whole outfit is the embodiment of luxury, and could pass as Gucci.

V has the looks and poses of a professional model.


Jennie’s sultry gaze is enough to convince anyone that she could be a Gucci model.

Jennie’s plaid skirt feels like classic Gucci. She’s even wearing an actual Gucci grosgrain ribbon.

Her lush, voluminous hair and frilled jacket make her look as classy as can be.

She has the strong personality needed to stand out as a model.

Her perfect posture and overall vibe fit in perfectly with Gucci’s high-class reputation.

Source: Instiz