Fans claim TWICE Sana’s butt looks huge in these jeans

TWICE‘s Sana recently wore a pair of tight jeans to the group’s scheduled event, and fans were blown away by her amazing figure. 

Although she’s known for her signature cute aegyo, Sana shocked fans with her mature S-line as she rocked a pair of skinny blue jeans while on the way to an event. With the pants hugging tightly to her long and toned legs, Sana caused fans to stop in wonder as she walked by.

TWICE is currently promoting their special album TWICEcoaster: Lane 2 and title track “Knock Knock.” Having taken home three music show trophies so far for the track, Sana and her fellow group members have continued to establish themselves as one of the top young idol groups in the industry.

Check out some photos of Sana perfectly rocking a pair of skinny jeans below:

She can pull off a mature look with a leather jacket and jeans.
Sana’s smile can brighten anyone’s day.
Fans were in awe.
A comfortable yet sophisticated outfit.