Fans Claim These Videos Prove YG Entertainment Creates The Most Perfect Stages

Whether performing on TV or live in concert, YG Entertainment always make sure their stages are decorated to perfectly match the group performing.

While most artists usually adjust the mood of their stage by relying on the background images and lights, they sometimes put stage props to make it even more interesting and unique. It seems that YG artists, in particular, use these props to create some of the most beautiful, and meaningful, stages possible.

Akdong Musician

Akdong Musician created a set that reflected the chilling mood of their song “Last Goodbye.” The props in the background are lit up using an icy white light, and they even put in fake trees that look like they were performing during the dead of winter.

It certainly did not seem as if they were performing on stage, but rather outside in the cold. The image of Chanhyuk and Suhyun sitting center of this dark, cold scene really sets the tone for the performance.

Lee Hi

Lee Hi went the extra mile when building her set for her song “Hold My Hand.” The song itself is warm and cheerful, but the song’s lyrics tell another story as she asks the person she loved to come back to her. To help with the mood, Lee Hi created an entire railway crossing set as she sat alone outside and waited.


When iKON performed their song “Apology” on Inkigayo they created a set that captured the feeling of their song perfectly. The group enters along a street covered in fallen leaves from the nearby trees, setting the scene as a night in the middle of Autumn and creating the same feelings as the season.

Making sure not to miss even the smallest detail, they incorporated a crosswalk and even added road signs, really engaging listeners and drawing them into the story of the song.


While iKON and Akdong Musician’s stages help tell the story of their songs, WINNER instead prepared a simpler stage that helped to create a memorable performance. Beginning against a dark, starlit sky and later inside only the frame of a house, the fans can clearly see the location the song wants to put them in, without distracting from the group and their performance.


BLACKPINK made their stage for “Stay” into a mini farm. They had a barn in the back with crops on the sides. The girls were hanging on swings covered in flowers, and the result was gorgeous. The stars above made it seem as if they were performing outside during the night time.

The country music influences and instrument choice for the song make the setting a natural choice that creates a deeper story behind the performance.


BIG BANG‘s stage for “Bae Bae” was covered in all different colors of flowers. They had flowers on the floor and hanging from the ceiling. In order to match the theme of their song, they even had colorful lights on the side and a big neon sign that read “Bae Bae” in the back. The stage really helps to emphasize the singers’ performances and certainly creates a memorable show for the fans.