Fans Combined The Faces Of K-Pop’s Hottest Female Idols To Create The Perfect Korean Girl

Although there are many pretty female idols, miss A‘s Suzy, former Wonder Girls member Sohee, and former f(x) member Sulli are often regarded as some of the most impressive visuals the industry has ever seen.

And while each of the girls has their own individual charms and appeals, fans believe they’ve discovered a girl whose visuals can top all three. Using a face-blending application, fans fused the faces of Suzy, Sohee, and Sulli to produce a girl who resembles all three of them, possessing the unique features of each that make them so lovable. Upon seeing the photo, many fans were stunned at just how amazing the finished product was, calling her a goddess among women if she were to truly exist.


Source: Pann

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