Fans Compare Red Velvet Members’ First Impression Vs Now

Red Velvet has come a long way and fans see the members differently now.

Red Velvet members, since debut in 2014, has undergone countless transformations while promoting all of the group’s hit songs. The fans looked back and realized each member is quite different now from their first impressions!


1. Irene


Shortly after debut, fans thought Irene was the goddess of beauty for her 200% perfect visual. She immediately gained a large fanbase for her amazing looks.

She got the nickname “Ice Princess” because of her first impression.


But now, fans know she’s only a white-headed long-tailed tit bird.

Irene is no longer intimidating, and when she tries, she looks like this adorable angry bird!


2. Seulgi


When fans first met Seulgi, they thought she could be the next “ssen unnie (쎈언니)”, like that one Jessi song, because she looked so fierce and charismatic.

Everything about Seulgi screamed biggest, baddest b*tch, and fans loved that!


But Seulgi ended up being the cutest little fluffy bear!

Fans adore what a plot twist Seulgi turned out to be.


3. Wendy


Wendy had everyone think she’s a beagle on the run, with her extra positive energy on stage.

She glowed with a super energetic vibe that fans instantly fell in love with.


While Wendy’s personality hasn’t changed much since debut, fans realized that her brightness doesn’t make her a beagle, but actually a guardian angel.

Wendy puts her positiveness into encouraging her fellow members, fans, and other stars! She even made comedian Kang Ho Dong cry when she reached out to him and told him he’s a good person.


4. Joy


At debut, Joy‘s Disney princess-like visual really wowed the fans. Her beautiful smile captivated thousands of fan hearts.

Just from the first impression, fans thought Joy would be the quiet, calm princess of the group.


Fans soon learned they were terribly mistaken about Joy being a pretty princess. She soon earned herself the nickname, “vel-jel-woot (벨젤웃)”, which translates to “the funniest Red Velvet”.

Joy loves to have fun, laugh, and show the world she’s having the best time of her life, whenever wherever! Fans love this down-to-earth side of Joy.


5. Yeri


Last, but never the least, Yeri the “maknae (막내)” went through perhaps the biggest transformation since debut.

When she first revealed herself to the fans, she was considered the baby of the group.


But years passed and Yeri grew up into a young lady, whose aura simply stuns the fans every time she shows this grown-up side of her.

Her latest Ceci Magazine photo shoot has made her fans realize Yeri is no longer the baby, but actually the “maknae-on-top” now with her matured looks and vibes. Of course, fans love Yeri the same nevertheless!

Source: Idol Best

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