Fans Are Concerned For BIBI’s Mental And Physical Health After She Breaks Down On Instagram Live

“I wish I never was a singer.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Singer and songwriter BIBI is known for being open and not being afraid to say what’s on her mind at any given time. Usually, this results in some hilarious and bad*ss moments, but after a recent Instagram live, fans are deeply concerned for the singer.

BIBI | @nakedbibi/Instagram

During the Instagram live, BIBI first started by displaying her irritation at the fact she cannot wash the make-up off her face because she has a schedule later on that day. She expressed that she wishes she could take a nap and that she has not slept well for several days.

“I’m just acting like I’m doing well, but I’m f*cking done, I’m f*cking done.”


BIBI then explains her schedule, saying that she woke up at 9 a.m., worked until she began the live around 3 p.m., and has another schedule around 10 p.m that will last for several hours. She says she doesn’t know what is next and that maybe she “will kill [herself]” before repeating how exhausted she is.

| @nakedbibi/Instagram

Several times throughout the video BIBI almost falls asleep before forcing herself back awake. She says that she tried calling her manager to see if she could take off her make-up so she could sleep, but that they have not answered her yet. Her team had earlier told her not to remove her make-up.

| @nakedbibi/Instagram 

BIBI manages to keep her composure throughout most of the live before she heartbreakingly begins to cry from the frustration she is experiencing. She wonders out loud why she isn’t able to just do her interview without make-up and why that is so important. BIBI also expresses that she hasn’t eaten well in a long time.

| @nakedbibi/Instagram

She then explains that “[she’s] not just doing this for [herself]” to be rich as a “simple reason“, but because she has a lot of family members to take care of and that she has no choice but to suffer. When fans attempted to comfort her, she responded by saying that no one would know how things would work out.

| @nakedbibi/Instagram

BIBI finally says that “[she] wishes [she] was not an artist or singer” before abruptly ending the live stream. Fans immediately began expressing their concern for the singer, tweeting the hashtag #BIBIDESERVESBETTER and directing their concerns to BIBI’s label Feel Ghood Music.

BIBI and Feel Ghood Music have yet to respond to the recent concerns revolving BIBI and her welfare. Hopefully, BIBI is able to get a well-deserved break very soon.