Fans Are Confused AF About The Total Cost For ‘CONNECT, BTS’

Fans are divided.

BTS recently unveiled the CONNECT, BTS project that fans were curious about. News regarding the message behind the project began appearing online. Fans found one sentence in an article to be somewhat ambiguous, causing a controversy online.


The sentence in question reads, “All seven members of BTS will take care of the costs for all the events in the five cities.”


Fans are divided in that some are touched that BTS paid for the whole project as a way to gift fans the experience, while others are upset that Big Hit would allow the members to pay for this large-scale project from their own pockets.


“BTS paid for the whole project on their own will as a way to pay back to ARMYs! Please understand their sincere hearts!”


“They paid for the entire project? I was already touched when I heard what this project was about! They are so amazing. I can’t wait to see the exhibitions!”


“Why do the members have to pay for the whole event and not the agency?”


“What kind of bullshit is this? Who is talking about this bullshit? Can someone let me know what is going on?”


“This is not right? I mean if the boys paid for the event, then the company should at least pay for the exhibition construction costs or something!”


This caused more confusion when the original article writer deleted the sentence from the article, speculating that this was not confirmed.


Some think that the sentence itself was misleading, causing this chaos.

“I think the ‘all events’ part of the sentence is what makes it confusing. Not sure if they mean they are really paying for all the costs or if they mean they will donate the total costs from the event.”


Regardless of who paid for it, ARMYs know BTS’s true reasons for creating and starting this project. BTS has always been known to be people who appreciate and respect art and they are always sharing this with their fans.

Below is a clip of RM expressing how he felt after seeing Mark Rothko’s work.


During the interview for the project, J-Hope stated, “I think that art’s value truly shines when it is shared with people. I hope that this project will be an opportunity for us to repay our fans for always supporting and loving us.”



What are your thoughts on this?