Fans Are Convinced EXO Chanyeol’s House Is Actually A Museum

Too bad this place isn’t open for admission.

SM Entertainment opened the very first K-Pop museum back in May 2018, but some detective fans are now convinced that there is one idol who may have an even better museum in his very own house!


A few months back, EXO‘s Chanyeol let slip that he had moved to a bigger place. This simple announcement got fans thinking and made them realize that a bigger place means a lot more room for all of his collections!

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우지 in the Studio 519 #졸귀탱

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Chanyeol is known to have one of the most amazing One Piece collections around. A few years ago, he let everyone bask in the absolute glory of his 200 plus stockpile of figurines.


Fans have additionally noticed he’s also got a certain fondness for comic book memorabilia.

Like this figurine of Deadpool just chilling out next to Chanyeol as he works!


Of course, he’s also a big fan of Disney!


But that’s not all! Chanyeol has been spotted with a cute plushie of Shiro from Crayon Shin Chan


Adorable Rilakkuma plushies…


A webtoon themed Christmas tree…

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Merry Christmas🎄

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And is known to have a collection of coffee mugs!


So fans have been trying to calculate all of the items that Chanyeol must have in his new place. First, EXO-Ls are convinced he kept adding to his One Piece set.


And everyone knows he probably accumulated more superhero stuff.


Plus, fans are convinced that his Iron Man suit has to be on display somewhere!


Of course, they’ve also caught sneak peeks into his ever-growing Disney stockpile, like the brief glimpses of his “Zootopia” sheet set…


And the “Frozen” figures some eagle-eyed fans spied in one Instagram post!


With all the evidence they’ve gathered, plus they’re previous knowledge of all of Chanyeol’s collectibles, EXO-Ls are convinced that his house must rival the greatest museums in the world!