Fans Were Convinced VIXX’s Ravi And HyunA Were Dating, Here’s All Their Evidence

Detective-fans searched for evidence, and this is what they found.

After fans snooped around HyunA‘s and VIXX‘s Ravi‘s social media accounts, they became convinced that the stars were more than just friends.


This sleuthing went down in 2016, when fans analyzed Ravi’s and HyunA’s Instagrams.

K-Pop fans are notoriously skilled being able to find out big secrets with even the tiniest shreds of information. These amateur detectives put Sherlock to shame!


During the “investigation” fans uncovered multiple similarities between the Instagrams.

hyuna ravi 3


Ravi and HyunA can be seen posing with the same friends at the same venues…

hyuna ravi 1

hyuna ravi 2


…and wearing the similar clothing.

hyuna ravi 4


Ravi and HyunA uploaded photos of matching shoes, such as these runners…

hyuna ravi 5


…and these cute Keds.

hyuna ravi 13


They have also worn the same style of fruit-socks.

hyuna ravi 6


HyunA is a self-professed fan of VIXX’s music…

hyuna ravi 14


…and has shown her love by promoting their songs on Instagram.

hyuna ravi 10

hyuna ravi 16


HyunA advocated herself to love The Simpsons, but Ravi also once revealed that he likes The Simpsons.


Speaking of toys, fans pointed out this huggable bear. Its nametag says “R”…for “Ravi”?


But claims got a little over-board when they said the location of their tattoos were “too similar”…

hyuna ravi 11


… and that they also have a similar way of using emoticons in their posts.

hyuna ravi 17


In addition to social media, detective-fans analyzed video evidence, such as footage from this 2015 interview.


Fan-detectives claimed that they looked awkward near each other.

hyuna ravi 7


Ravi and HyunA may have a number of matching friends, tastes, and interests but, in the end, despite fans’ best sleuthing efforts, this alleged “romance” remains an unsolved mystery!

hyuna ravi 15