Fans Couldn’t Agree More With Park Bo Gum’s Answer Of How He Feels When Looking In The Mirror

We’re with you sir!

Actor Park Bo Gum recently revealed what he thinks when he looks at himself in the mirror. Recently, a video about Park’s thoughts was uploaded to ESQUIRE KOREA’s YouTube channel.

Park Bo Gum | @ESQUIREKorea/YouTube

In the video, he revealed the reason for opening a new social media account. He stated, “The number of impersonation accounts is increasing. In fact, I am not very active on social media, so I was worried about whether I should create one. I opened it with the hope that fans will not be confused.”

Park, also known as a “mirror selfie master,” was asked how to take good mirror selfies. He replied, “I’m not good at taking selfies. I feel comfortable and natural when I see myself reflected in the mirror, and I feel like it comes out well.”

Park Bo Gum | @ESQUIREKorea/YouTube

Then, they asked what he thought when he looked at himself in the mirror. He jokingly replied, “Wow, so handsome. That kind of feeling?” Afterwards, he immediately apologized, “I’m sorry,” and made people laugh. In addition, when asked what part of his face he liked, he answered, “Eyes, nose, mouth. I like them all“, while bursting into laughter.

Netizens that saw this couldn’t agree more with his answer!

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Agreed.”
  • “He’s just like me. I like everything about him too.”
  • “Yes, of course.”
  • “I like everything about him too.”
  • “Same here. Would you marry me, Bogum? Of course, you’ve worked hard while I haven’t.”
  • “I like that he’s honest.”

Source: theqoo