Fans are Desperate to Find out the Secret Behind Lisa’s Perfect Bangs

“Lisa’s bangs are more stable than my past relationships.”

After performing at Coachella, BLACKPINK’s Lisa broke the internet as “the girl with the bangs”. For some time now, BLACKPINK fans have pointed out how Lisa dances her fierce choreography without a single hair from her bangs ever moving out of place.

Lisa’s legendary bangs made a triumphant comeback at Coachella.

These “8th wonder of the world” bangs have puzzled fans, but some dedicated BLINKs have cracked the code on how to get these modern mysteries for themselves.

Suggestions have varied from super glue, hair pins, to tattoos – yet we’re not so sure how serious that last one was.

Lisa;s hair remains intact as other members’ hair is subject to the wind.

The secret to lisa’s perfect bangs will probably remain a mystery for the rest of her career.