Some Fans Are Disappointed With Lee Daehwi’s “Attitude” Towards Wanna One

“Looks like Lee Daehwi is over (Wanna One).”

The Wanna One unit The Heal, which is made up of Lee Daehwi and Ong Seongwu, recently ranked No. 1 on the Mnet music chart with their song “Hourglass”.


Although it is a great achievement for the Wanna One unit, a fan uploaded a post titled “Looks like Lee Daehwi is over (Wanna One)” explaining their disappointment with a statement that Lee Daehwi made on their official fan cafe. In the post, Lee Daehwi expressed his joy in ranking No. 1.

“We’ve just heard the news that The Heal’s ‘Hourglass’ has ranked No.1!! Thank you Wannables~ Love you” ㅡ Lee Daehwi


Although there doesn’t seem to be an issue with Lee Daehwi being happy about his unit’s achievement, fans have been disappointed in the fact that he had blatantly expressed so much joy for beating Wanna One’s title song, “Light”.


Moreover, Lee Daehwi had apparently suggested going out for barbecue in celebration of their achievement during a pre-recording, which only angered some of the fans even more.

“A unit song can rank No.1, no one is saying anything about that. But Lee Daehwi suggesting they go out for barbecue because he’s so happy about beating their title song sounds like a betrayal against Wannables. Lee Daehwi’s fans probably streamed hard to keep them on the charts but they must feel so awkward now.” ㅡ Wanna One Fan


Other fans, who were at the pre-recording site, did not seem to be offended in any way and explained the situation as cute and funny.

“180607 Hourglass pre-recording review Lee Daehwi
When fans told him they’re No.1 on the Mnet chart, his eyes became super huge and he said Mnet? Of course Mnet…Then he pointed to fans and said they should go out for dinner and it was so cute ㅠㅠ when one fan shouted I”ll buy! he jus shook his head ㅠㅠ so so cute…”


Nonetheless, the author of the post went as far as to state that Lee Daehwi must not think of Wanna One as precious as fans do.

“Wannables, I’m sorry but I’m too exhausted to stream any longer. Our time with Wanna One was short but extremely precious to me, but it seems like that wasn’t the case for Lee Daehwi.” ㅡ Poster


The post has caused a split between fans with some agreeing with the author of the post and her disappointed in Lee Daehwi’s words.

  • “While Wannables were streaming late last night, they all were shocked. What is it that our artist wants? Daehwi, have you ever visited our official cafe when the title song ranked No.1?”
  • “It seems like Daehwi fans just don’t understand. Don’t you think his words could be hurtful? It’s natural to be hurt and sad about him bragging about his unit song. You guys are too much.”
  • “I’m sick of Lee Daehwi and also sick of some of his fans who keep protecting him. I can’t do this anymore.”
  • “I’m so disappointed and I don’t want to see him on stage with Wanna One anymore. I hope it becomes the public opinion.”


Many other fans, however, were frustrated with the Wannables who were criticizing a member of their own artist.

  • “I’m so frustrated I feel like I could die…I don’t understand why Wannables are criticizing a Wanna One members. Lee Daehwi was the one who gave came up with the name Wannable and he’s the most famous for the best fan service and all you can do is complain saying that he’s over it…I just don’t understand why Wannables are criticizing Lee Daehwiㅋㅋ”
  • “Why do you guys always fight. It’s not like he said it to tease the other members. He was probably just expressing his gratitude towards fans for helping his unit rank up…”
  • “Is this really something to criticize him for? He’s still only 18 and still naive…it seems like he didn’t have much meaning behind it. ‘Light’ is important but the unit songs are important too, am I wrong?”
  • “Stop it already, how many comments are there? People might think he committed a crime or something.”
Source: Pann Nate