Fans discover a secret WM trainee and she is absolutely gorgeous

WM Entertainment revealed photos of some of their secret and prospective trainees on Instagram, and they look spectacular!

WM has debuted beautiful idols in the past, including the lovely members of OH MY GIRL and fans of WM have recently discovered a 16 year old trainee called Sohee and are going wild with excitement.

Photos of her, as well as other trainees, male and female, surfaced on an Instagram account under the name “wm_ggumnamu.” When translated, “ggumnamu,” or “꿈나무,” becomes “young prospects/talents.” In other words, the Instagram account features some of WM’s most talented and debut ready trainees.

The 16 year old trainee, Sohee is the only one of these “Ggumnamus” that have been revealed so far but some of WM’s instagram posts feature other unidentified trainees.

Check out some of Sohee’s photos below!






Sohee delivers more than just stunning visuals. Underneath her beauty and grace is a passionate dancer who puts her all into every move.

Check out her dance practice video below!


Sohee is speculated to debut with three other members. Although their full names have not been given, they sign each of their posts with initials of their first names: CW, YJ, and DH.

Check out their New Year’s blessing below!


Source: Instiz