Fans Discover Japanese Celeb That Looks Like A Mixture Of Suzy & Taeyeon

Japanese voice actress and singer Maaya Uchida has recently gained attention from K-pop fans as the actress looks exactly like the perfect mix of Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon and Miss A‘s Suzy.

Popular Japanese voice actress Maaya Uchida’s expressive acting and incredible beauty have earned her a following in Japan but her looks have also gained the attention of K-pop fans as many believe she looks like a mix between Taeyeon and Suzy.

Both Suzy and Taeyeon are known for their beautiful looks. Her striking eyes and natural smile look similar to Taeyeon while her round youthful face and soft nose look similar to Suzy. Her appearance is so similar to the two that many fans believe she could almost be mistaken for their sister.

Take a look at why K-pop fans believe Maaya Uchida looks like the perfect mix between Taeyeon and Suzy below.

She has the same youthful looks as Taeyeon.
It’s easy to see why fans have compared their looks.
She looks similar to Suzy not long after her debut.
They look like they could be sisters.
She looks strikingly similar to Taeyeon.
Taeyeon’s early debut photos show just how mush they look alike.
She is beautiful it’s easy to see why she was compared to the two singers.
Both Suzy and Maaya are undeniably beautiful.
Young headshots of Maaya show just how much she looks like Taeyeon. They even have similar eyes.
taeyeon 2009
Anyone would believe they are related.
Fans were in shock to see just how much Maaya looks like Suzy and Taeyeon.
Maybe they could play sisters in a drama?

Surprisingly the similarities between Maaya and Suzy do not end at their strikingly similar looks; Maaya provided the Japanese dub for Suzy’s role in the 2012 drama Big. It seems the two not only look similar but have the same kind of vocals as well!

Her resemblance to the two popular idols are even more apparent in videos as you can see down below: