Fans discover pictures of EXID Hani in high school uniform

EXID‘s Hani was spotted wearing a high school uniform, and she looks GORJ. 

Hani wowed fans by looking so natural in her school uniform, almost as if she was still in high school herself. On January 9th, fans spotted her making her way to record JTBC‘s Knowing Brothers in the show’s iconic school girl uniform. Despite being past her high school days, Hani still gave a very radiant school girl vibe as she strutted down the hall in her uniform.


Her natural makeup look, mixed with her short hair and bangs, really gave her the youthful look.


Her sweet smile and bubbly personality definitely contribute to her youthful appearance.


Hani, along with Rain, will be the special guests on the show for one episode. It will be exciting to see Hani reunite with Super Junior‘s Heechul at long last.