Fans Discover Seohyun Is Suffering From An Extremely Painful Spine Injury

Seohyun’s spine injury could not stop her from performing though!

Seohyun has been diagnosed with a spinal disc injury that is known to cause a tremendous amount of pain. While she cancelled her TV appearances in South Korea to receive treatment for the spine pain, she did not turn down the invitation to perform in North Korea.


Prior to her departure to North Korea, an associate of Seohyun’s confirmed, “It is true Seohyun is currently receiving treatment for her spinal disc problem, but it is not severe. She will be able to handle the schedule in Pyongyang.”

Seohyun was seen focusing on getting treatment for her back and practicing for the performance in Pyongyang.


Seohyun both hosted and performed at the “Spring is Coming” concert in North Korea. Throughout the rehearsal and the concert, she did not seem affected by the spinal injury and maintained a bright vibe that the North Koreans absolutely loved.


After the concert, a production staff mentioned in a brief interview, “Seohyun was treated by a medical team shortly before the performance for a mild fever as well. But she insisted on performing.”

Seohyun sang “Blue Willow Tree”, a popular North Korean song, and received a lot of love from the audience.


The staff added that the medical team also treated other members of the South Korean art troupe. Cho Yong Pil had laryngitis and high fever, induced by the stress of preparing for the stage. Lee Sun Hee was also recovering from shingles and was not in her best condition.


Despite their health issues, the South Korean art troupe successfully ended the concert receiving a standing ovation from the North Korean audience.


You can watch highlights of the art troupe’s performances below:

Source: YONHAP and JOINS