Fans discover this Rookie Girl Group Member has a fantastic body

Fans have discovered rookie female idol Goeun has a fabulous body, after digging up some of her sexiest photoshoots.

Rookie idols often start out their careers with cute concepts, keeping an innocent image until later in their career, however, rookie idol Goeun from girl group Laysha has shocked fans by being quite open with her sexuality, showing off her fierce attitude since early debut.

Laysha started out as a dance group, doing covers and performances. As their popularity grew they took on the challenge of entering the music industry with their debut track “Turn Up The Music”, followed later but “Chocolate Cream.”

In addition to doing performances with her fellow group members, Goeun has also starred in several solo photo shoots, modeling in swimwear and lingerie among other outfits. Goeun especially caught the attention of fans, some commenting she could be “The sexiest new rookie idol.” Her following continues to grow. Check out some of her photo shoots below!


goeun 18

goeun 17

goeun 16

goeun 15

goeun 14

goeun 13

goeun 12

goeun 11

goeun 10

goeun 9

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Check out one of Goeun’s hottest performances below: