Fans discovered old photos of Suzy with blonde hair

Photos of Suzy without her signature black hair resurfaced and shocked fans with her different appearance. 

In a photo shoot for an accessory brand that she endorsed, Bean Pole, Suzy was captured with platinum blonde hair with straight bangs.

While Suzy’s colored hair appears to be a wig, fans couldn’t help but fawn over the different look. With or without her usual dark hair, Suzy always looks beautiful!

Check out these photos that show the difference between Suzy being a black haired beauty and in her blond hair! 

Black Hair

This is the classic look that Suzy fans are used to seeing.

Suzy can always be spotted in dark hair.

Her dark locks always make her look so gorgeous.

She’s beautiful even in shorter black hair!

Blonde Hair

Blonde Suzy looks just as gorgeous as Suzy with black hair!

Blondes have more fun!

Despite a change in hair color, Suzy’s visuals are always outstanding.