Fans Discuss How BLACKPINK Is The Most “Rude” K-Pop Group… But It Isn’t What You Think

BLINKs got savage with the queens.

BLACKPINK is arguably one of, if not the, most popular girl groups in the K-Pop industry right now. They just recently had a successful comeback with “How You Like That” that fans are still raving over and has broken all kinds of records in the short time that it’s been released. They’re also set to have a comeback later this month with an appearance of none other than Selena Gomez as a featuring artist.

But recently, some fans took to the online discussion forum Quora in order to share their beef with the members of BLACKPINK. In a post titled “Is BLACKPINK rude?”, several different members commented on just how offensive each member of BLACKPINK is.

Starting off with Jennie, fans had a lot to say about the icy-visual queen!

“Can Jennie even improve and work with her attitude? I mean how can she be so disrespectful and slay us with those rapping and singing skills.”

It’s true! Jennie is indeed incredibly rude with just how incredible of a performer she is, offending fans left and right with her flawless stage presence.

“Jennie’s smirk? Uh, excuse me, you don’t have the right to attack my heart that way.”

Right? The audacity! She’s stopping hearts left and right with that wicked beautiful signature smirk.

Now moving onto Lisa. Fans definitely had a lot to say about the dancing queen!

“Lisa is so f***ing rude to dance her a** off well in stage and perform very well.”

Seriously, who gave her permission to become known as one of the best female dancers in K-Pop? The nerve!

“Lisa’s sooo rude. She stares into my soul with her large doe eyes without my permission.”

That’s right! Not only is she an amazing dancer, but her visuals are disrespectfully gorgeous as well. Who allowed someone to be so perfect?

Rosé wasn’t immune to the fire either.

“The girl named Rosé is just straight rude. What the actual f*** but who gave her the right to sing that well? She is so rude for making my heart cry and happy when she sings.”

That’s right! Rosé has a unique and powerful voice that just isn’t fair to the mortals that listen to her sing. How are regular people supposed to listen to her sing without having an emotional breakdown?

“Rosé does it too. And her Ariel hair is too stunning. The audacity!”

This was specifically referring to her red hair-era days, but it could really be applied to any era. Her long, always-perfect hair is so rude to regular people that can’t contain their fly-aways!

And lastly, of course, is Jisoo. You might think this lovely lady could avoid the criticism, but no such luck!

“And lastly that Kim Jisoo??? Aaaarrgh just typing her name gets in my nerves. Can she stop being so pretty? Like seriously girl needs to stop. How can she be beautiful and talented at the same time?????”

Truly, no one person deserves to have such flawless visuals! It isn’t fair to the rest of us!

“JISOO TURTLE RABBIT KIM WHAT ARE YOU DOING? This is just impolite on so many levels!”

Seriously, who has the audacity to look so gorgeous so easily? It’s not right, it’s not fair!

As a whole, fans summed it up with this appropriate acronym:





So when it comes to “RUDE”ness, no one has BLACKPINK beat!
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