Fans Donate Lunch Boxes Under BTS’s Jungkook And ARMYs Name To Medical Staff In Daegu

ARMYs and BTS are continuing to spread support during these hard times.

A post on Weverse revealed a fan who had a friend who worked at Daegu Dongsan Hospital who shared photos of lunch boxes that were sent to the hospital under the name BTS‘s Jungkook and ARMY.

“My friend works at Daegu Dongsan Hospital and it is a Corona-designated hospital. She sent me these photos of lunch boxes they received today. Thank you..I hope good things like this are shared with many people.”

It was later revealed that the Twitter account OK_JUNGKOOK_NET started this event in order to support those working in the front lines during this pandemic.

“We have donated 240 sets of sandwich sets to Daegu Catholic University Hospital and Dongsan Hospital to support those who are working hard during this time. We donated these lunch boxes in the name of BTS’s Jungkook and ARMY. We also added the vitamin C powder and drink from Lemona which is the brand BTS is currently the model for as well.”

“After hearing that the medical staff were not able to eat proper meals, we decided to send these lunch boxes to help them out the best way we could. Although we wanted to send them proper meals, we decided on sandwiches since it would save them a lot of time. We hope you enjoy the sandwiches and we hope that everyone stays healthy until all this is over.”

The Twitter account updated with a message after the food was sent to the hospitals.

“Although we told them that these lunch boxes were sent from the fans, the medical staff thought that BTS sent it over themselves and couldn’t contain their excitement and took pictures with the boxes that were sent! We wanted to be even just a little bit of help to those that are working hard in the field. We are truly happy that they enjoyed this little gift!”

They also answered additional questions people had about the event.

“We ordered the sandwiches from a well-known place and although I wanted to taste it too we just sent it all over to the medical team. We just hope that they enjoyed the meal! Thanks to those that helped make this event possible we were able to do a good deed in Jungkook’s name. I recommend having a sandwich for dinner tonight! Although I had curry for dinner haha.”

Thanks to BTS’s wonderful fans, the medical team were able to have a nice meal before heading back to the forefront of the current situation. ARMYs must be super proud to be a part of such a great family!