Fans Don’t Know How To Feel About This BTS Question On A University Exam In India

The internet had mixed reactions when BTS appeared in an Indian university exam.

This picture of an Indian exam paper is circulating online communities thanks to a question about BTS!


But fans are kind of confused as to why BTS would appear on an exam and what subject this exam would test.

  • “BTS and Indian exam paper in the same sentence! Never expected that.”
  • “That’s a university exam?”
  • “Wow… The quality of the university exam must be really low.”
  • “It must be an elective course like ‘Understanding Culture.’ ㅋㅋㅋ The question is a bit weird but don’t call it low quality.”
  • “A few people have pointed out this is probably a test on current affairs which is why the questions don’t seem very connected to one another.”
  • “I assume it’s a general knowledge paper, both the level and the content of those question tend to be absolutely random. I remember giving those in my school days.”


Some netizens were a bit savage, however, criticizing the level of the degree.

“Nice to know people take this type of stupid courses, as someone struggling with econometrics and criminal law I can’t relate. Some of us do real degrees and others waste time and money learning nonsense.”


While others defended the different types of majors and the knowledge being tested.

  • “I personally think that there’s no knowledge that isn’t useful. As ‘smart’ as it sounds, we can’t have everyone be engineers and doctors, can we? All courses and knowledge are useful. Some use it to make music, some use it to build bilateral/unilateral relationship between countries, some use it to do research on ancient relics and histories, some use it to build companies’ financial statements, etc. And having degree itself doesn’t measure someone’s worth. The society works because everyone works their best in what they do, with or without degree, with or without being engineers and doctors.”
  • “An exam for becoming a broadcast PD asked to list the names of BTS members. Are you gonna call it low quality, too? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ There are different fields of common knowledge that people should know so any question is possible.”


There was so much discussion and debate about the exam topic that the original poster added clarification that it was a mandatory course paper for Science and Arts.


And someone taking the exam personally addressed the critics.

“First of all, it’s that’s not a state exam paper. It’s just a small mandatory course paper called contemporary world which has questions on current affairs. By the way, EVERY F*CKING PERSON in my college has to take that paper, whether they’re in science or commerce or arts or whatever. That paper is from my college. Get over your self-righteousness.”


Although fans seem to be a bit divided over the difficulty of the paper, the excitement over reading about their favorite K-Pop group in an exam is definitely uncontested!

“What? What exam is this? Indian ARMY Representing! Am I living in some alternate universe? How?!”

Source: Kpop KFans Blogspot and Pann Nate