Even ReVeluvs Can’t Tell If It’s Irene Or Seulgi In These Photos

What’s your guess?

It’s a widely accepted fact that Red Velvet‘s Irene and Seulgi strongly resemble each other, but you know it’s bad when even their fans have a hard time telling who’s who.

Try your hand at guessing if it’s Irene or Seulgi in the following pictures.

Many fans swear this is Irene, but others are sure it’s Seulgi. All still do a double take.

Aside from their similar facial features, they both boast slim figures and long hair.

It’s especially hard to guess when their hair is covering their faces and it was their side profile that was shot.

ReVeluvs have divided answers, and no one knows for sure.

Seulgi Seulgi Seulgi Seulgi?

Irene Irene Seulgi Seulgi?????

Isn’t it all Irene?

– ReVeluvs

Now that you’ve seen the pictures, what’s your personal guess?

Source: Theqoo

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