Fans Do Not Want To Go To This Male Idol’s Fan Sign Event Because It’s Just “Too Much To Handle…”

Attending his fansigns is not for the faint of heart!

WANNA ONE‘s Minhyun is known for giving his fans some of the best experiences, but all of his dedicated attention has some saying that they won’t ever go to his events!


Who can blame them? That smile would make anyone weak in the knees!


And how he handles shy fans is so sweet!


Minhyun isn’t afraid to initiate some skinship!


He is also incredibly sweet and caring. Although, he probably doesn’t realize the way he looks at her isn’t good for her health!

“Don’t be sick.” — Minhyun
I’ll be sick for you, so don’t get sick.” — Fan
“You can’t,  you can’t. You can’t.” — Minhyun


Those looks are enough to set anyone’s heart aflame!


And Minhyun’s smile is just too cute!

“Is it a gift? Does it look like me?” — Minhyun


Many fans think seeing him at a fan sign would just be too much for their hearts!

  • “I’ll never attend his fan signs. I wanna live a long life.”

  • “Even if I win his fan sign tickets, I’m definitely not going.”

  • “If I go to his fan sign, I’ll literally faint while bawling my eyes out. I’ll be satisfied just looking at him from afar at his concert!”

  • “The way he brushes her fingers. Because the fan was shy, he kept trying to make eye contact.”

  • “My heart is weak so I’ll pass out. He’s only for the courageous hearts!”

  • “Wow! My heart needs to be numb for this. He’s staring so much.”

  • “No my heart will stop. I’d be so self-conscious of my makeup and skin. Hwang Minhyun is too pretty!”


Is it any wonder fans want to avoid his fan signs? He’s just to sweet to handle!

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