Fans Are Dying Of Jealousy After Hearing BTS V’s Question To RM

How is it possible to be this cute?

In an episode of Bon Voyage Season 4, BTS’s V and RM are roommates for the night. V lets RM know that he thinks that this could be the first time they have slept next to each other since their debut.




This is how their conversation went:

V: This is the first time sleeping together ever since we debuted. Can I hold you while I sleep?

RM: That’s going too far. Let’s respect the distance between us.


V: You do like me, right?

RM: Of course. (They’re two separate things.) But that’s different from sleeping in each other’s arms.




V: (Carefully) Can I hold your hand, at least?






Fans can’t seem to get enough of V’s questions to RM!


“OMG I’m dying. He said can I just hold your hand. V is such a softie!”




“Can I just hold your hand is now trending haha calm down everyone.”




“Can I hold you while sleeping? Can I just hold your hand? This is so freaking cute!!”




“Today’s highlight is ‘Can I just hold your hand?’ J-Hope’s little side comments are so cute too!”




This just proves how cute and soft V is towards his hyungs!