Fans Eagerly Await The Fruition of BTS Jin’s Cheeky Law of the Jungle Promise

Before SBS‘s Law of the Jungle became as watched as it is today, BTS‘s Jin made a hilarious promise to fans involving food and gymnastics he is now bound to fulfill.

BTS’s Jin has made a real splash with his appearance on Law of the Jungle and his season has brought in the highest viewership in the show’s history.

Conscious of this fact, Jin made a promise via Twitter that if the viewer ratings past 17% (which they now have), he “will eat samgyupsal next to Sleepy while he does national gymnastics“. He also jokingly added, “I will spill blood, sweat, and tears while eating samgyupsal.

Jin and the rest of the cast have since been working hard to enliven the show with plenty humor and an active social media presence, especially on the Law of the Jungle official Instagram.

Though he has yet to fulfill the promise, many are excited to see it come to fruition.