Fans Express Desire For A “Black Velvet” Collaboration

Let the queens unite!

Recently, a popular community forum post has gone viral for fans discussing the idea of a BLACKPINK and Red Velvet collaboration.

Numerous comments on the forum have expressed fans’ desires for this to happen, and some have even gone so far as to create collages or photoshop images together to visualize what the two groups would look like as one cohesive unit.

Comments about the potential collaboration discuss everything from their unbeatable visuals to their styles and musical talents. It’s hard to argue that these two killer girl groups would make an amazing group as one!

Check out what fans of both groups have to say:

“If a girl group like that comes out will probably be 9 visuals.”

“SM + YG visuals. Daebak.”

“Could not think about Jisoo and Irene in a bunch collectively. That will be loopy.”

“Wow, I really feel like that the group will simply be utterly good.” 

“I can devote my life to this group.”

“Please miss Seulgi and Lisa dance joint stage.”

“Both groups have good skills and good looks.”

Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see these two talented girl groups perform together on stage someday!