Fans Are Face-Palming After Clip Of Heechul And Momo “Holding Hands” Resurfaces

They had everyone fooled.

After the confirmation from Label SJ and JYP Entertainment of TWICE‘s Momo and Super Junior‘s Heechul‘s relationship, a video clip has resurfaced that has fans face-palming from not putting the pieces together sooner.


In a video clip Heechul uploaded to his Instagram in November of 2018, he and Momo are seen waving and smiling at the camera. What fans hadn’t paid close attention to was the beginning.

At the very start of the clip, it looks like they were holding hands. Since they were preparing to record, Heechul moved his right hand forward to throw up a peace sign while Momo moved hers backward. She then used her right to show the same sign.

The fact that fans had seen the clip before, many times for some, but never noticed the moment has them absolutely shocked.

One fan found it even more shocking than the dating news itself, with thousands of fans agreeing.

With this clip and the resurfacing of other hints about their relationship, some fans have claimed that Momo and Heechul didn’t even try to hide their feelings for each other. They were just hiding them in plain sight.

It worked. No wonder fans were both surprised and not surprised at the dating news. Watch the clip for yourself and see more of fans’ funny reactions.

TWICE's Momo And Heechul's Relationship