Fans fell in love when NCT’s Haechan did this to Doyoung

NCT‘s Haechan recently showed his love for fellow member Doyoung, and fans couldn’t hold in their excitement.

While this wasn’t the first time for NCT 127 and NCT Dream member Haechan has been seen doing aegyo, fans were delighted to see the cute interaction between Haechan and fellow group member Doyoung. Haechan was spotted hugging Doyoung tightly and making one of the most adorable sounds in a clip from NCT Life Mini x Nimdle Bonus Track.

This adorable and innocent interaction between the two members made many fans very happy, with many noting that Haechan just seems to have a natural charm that fans can’t help falling in love with.

During the same episode, group member Taeyong also discussed NCT 127’s most recent album “Limitless”, as well as many of the things the members did behind the scenes.

You can watch the whole video here: