Fans Finally Find The One Bad Trait About Park Bo Gum…His Driving Skills

Park Bo Gum is not perfect…but he IS damned close.

Park Bo Gum can act, sing, and outshine supermodels, but his driving skills prove there is still balance in the universe.


During 2 Days & 1 Night, Park Bo Gum confessed that he isn’t a very good driver.


In episode three of Youth Over Flowers, Park Bo Gum proved it when he attempted to drive his cast members. First, he struggled to put the car into reverse.


Then, he tried to back out…


…and misjudged the distance!


Park Bo Gum hit a building, startling himself, and his fellow cast members.


At first, no one knew what to say.


After a moment, they burst into laughter…


…and got out to assess the damage.


The poor tail light!


Park Bo Gum, bashfully hung his head, embarrassed by his poor driving skills.


Later in the show, police pulled Park Bo Gum over for misunderstanding a traffic sign in Africa.

He had only been driving the car for a few minutes before this happened!


Driving is not Park Bo Gum’s forte, but luckily he has many other skills to make up for it!


Watch the full clip below:

Source: Instiz (1), (2) and (3) and Naver Entertainment
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