Fans Find More “Evidence” That G-Dragon And Lee Jooyeon Are In A Relationship

Dating rumours between G-Dragon and former After School member Lee Jooyeon are circulating again, after fans found more alleged “evidence” of their relationship.

G-Dragon and Jooyeon were rumoured to be dating since a video of them was leaked on Kwai.

Although the two insisted that they are simply friends, fans continued to dig deeper, and uncovered more hints of a possible relationship within their SNS accounts.

In October of last year, Jooyeon and G-Dragon both shared photos of themselves zip-lining in Hawaii.

Additionally, G-Dragon appeared to have been staying at the same hotel as Jooyeon, as can be seen in these pictures taken together on the same balcony.

In fact, many of their photos reveal they were in the same places!

In November 2016 G-Dragon shared a photo of himself in a restaurant on his Weibo account, and on the same day, Jooyeon also shared a very similar photo to G-Dragon’s.

They also appear to have been in Jeju at the same place and time!

Both parties strongly denied their relationship and explained that they’re just close friends.

But Netizens still cannot stop speculating whether these two beautiful stars are actually just friends or secretly in a romantic relationship!