Fans Find This Small But Cute Detail As BLACKPINK’s Jennie Heads To The States

What a cutie!

Recently, BLACKPINK’s Jennie was spotted headed off to the states. Photos of Jennie were posted online and fans loved her simple yet cute outfit.

But some eagle-eyed fans were able to spot something in the photos. Were you able to spot it too? If you haven’t, we’ll give you a second. Do you see it?

If you take a closer look at her shirt, you can spot a tiny grain of rice stuck to it at the bottom. Talk about some super observant fans, eh?

Fans found this to be too cute, making this another addition to Jennie’s adorable moments list.

Either way, at least we know Jennie had a nice meal before heading off to the states!

Have a good trip, Jennie!

Source: nate pann