Fans Are Freaking out About BLACKPINK’s Body Proportions in Recent Photos

“Their body proportions look just as crazy in real life.”

In recent days, a post named, “All 4 Members of BLACKPINK Have Perfect Body Proportions” surfaced on online communities and social media.

The post consists of photos of Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé that fans claim “portray how they look in real life.”


The four BLACKPINK members never fail to show off their perfect bodies no matter where they are and how the photos are taken. They always receive overwhelming admiration for their small faces and long legs.

What’s even more surprising is that Jennie and Jisoo are just over 160 centimeters, which means they’re not tall at all. Rosé and Lisa are also below 170 centimeters, so their body proportions shocked fans even further.

As a result of their outstanding body proportions, they are known to pull off just about any outfit and capture the hearts of both female and male fans everywhere.

BLACKPINK recently made their US debut at the Grammy Artist Showcase and performed on Stephen Colbert’s Late Night. They are scheduled to appear on Good Morning America and Strahan & Sara this week as well.

Source: Insight


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