Fans Furious At WANNA ONE Stylist For Dressing The Boys In Fake Clothes

Wanna One fans are not happy with the stylists who are dressing the boys in knock-off clothes!

Fans first noticed that Wanna One members were dressed in knock-off clothes of Justin Beiber’s Purpose Tour shirts.

The stylists even dressed Lai Guan Lin in a fake Purpose Tour shirt for his debut profile photo!

Each of the shirts has “Purpose Tour” written incorrectly.

The fans are shocked that their stylists wouldn’t even spend ~$40 for the authentic shirts.

Source: Stadium Tour

Kang Daniel was recently seen wearing an I’m Not A Human Being shirt on stage…

… but fans quickly found that the prints were actually fake!

Considering the income Wanna One brings in, fans are upset that the company won’t even purchase authentic brands.

Source: I’m Not A Human Being

But one thing for certain is that Wanna One can look stunning in whatever they wear!