Fans Get An Update As One Lucky ARMY Shares Her Sweet Encounter With BTS’s V

This is going to be a historic moment for her.

With the BTS members on a temporary hiatus to focus on solo projects and fulfill mandatory military duties, any recent spotting or update on the members is special for the fans. Most recently, an ARMY posted a tweet online about meeting V at her workplace.

Wow…I’ve finally become a successful fan. Taehyung visited my workplace. He wore an ivory hoodie and his face was covered but I knew it was him. How could I not know considering I went to sleep watching BTS videos and looked at BTS photos this morning. He also came with Park hyungsik and I was able to be in the same place with them for two hours.

She couldn’t believe that she was able to be in the same place as him for such a long time.

I couldn’t believe that I was breathing in the same place as him that my heart was beating so fast. He worked hard on the files with his pretty hands and even had a nice hot bowl of ramen.

This sweet and cute encounter with V and ARMY received an overwhelming response from fans all over the world.

I debated for awhile before passing him a note that read, ‘Thank you for your carol present.’ He read the note and smiled a Tata laugh and said, ‘Yes yes yes’ and continued to greet me. He had good manners and was sweet to my colleagues. He then left and wrote a response to my note.

Fans also praised the ARMY for respecting V’s privacy.

Yes I have no worries for the rest of my life now. I couldn’t believe that something that I had only dreamed of had happened. To be able to talk to and receive a response from Taehyung! Angel Taehyung said that he would hang out here quietly so I will not reveal the name of the place. Taehyung is really a bear.

Below is the photo of the note in which V responded to. The fan stated that she would laminate the note and keep it as an heirloom.

What a lucky fan! We can’t even begin to imagine what we would do if we met V out in public!

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