Fans Go Crazy Over Couple Photoshoot Of Park Bo Gum And Kim Yuna

This photoshoot of Park Bo Gum and Kim Yuna is the definition of eye-candy, or should we say eye-cola?

Coca-Cola released these promotional photos with actor Park Bo Gum and retired national figure skater Kim Yuna, and people are having a lot of feelings about it.

Netizens started spreading the photos following their release because they’re just too darn cute not to.

Netizens are clamoring that they look like a real couple, and can’t get over their chemistry.

“If only this was a drama, it could’ve kept their chemistry alive.”

— Netizen

They’ve certainly brought a lot of buzz to the brand as fans are already awaiting the next photoshoot together.

All that’s left is to decide their ship name! How does Bo-na or Yu-gum sound?

Source: Dispatch