Fans Go Wild After Seeing CIX Bae Jinyoung’s Close-Up Visuals

His visuals are no joke.

Recently, the CIX members came out during the MBC Music Core broadcast and played the role of fan manager for the day. They came outside and stamped albums for the fans who were waiting for them outside. In particular, fans couldn’t help but stare at Bae Jinyoung‘s visuals!

Just look at that sharp jaw line

| @1uvabt/Twitter

Born-to-be idol visuals!

| @1uvabt/Twitter

He looks amazing in any angle

Just imagine seeing that face in-person!

His visuals totally stand out even in the midst of a crowd!

His visuals and proportions are just too unreal

That smile is enough to melt us all

Netizens couldn’t help but comment on his amazing visuals either!

  • “He really is someone on another level.”
  • “His ears and chin are so handsome.”
  • “He really grew up well!”
  • “He is so handsome he looks like some 2D character.”
  • “I’ve seen him in person before and he is really good looking.”
Source: theqoo