“Goblin” Fans Spot A Giant Plot Hole In The Drama Series

Goblin is full of interesting twist and turns but this one plot hole may have evaded you.

In a drama such as Goblin, viewers have to constantly use suspension of disbelief in order to not question the existence of goblins and grim reapers in the real world.

However, with an actress as beautiful as Yoo In Na, it makes it extremely hard to believe that her character Sunny cannot manage to bring even one customer to her restaurant. Olive Chicken Cafe is Sunny’s restaurant and has become a constant location in the drama, but strangely it is always empty. Surely a beautiful woman like Sunny would attract several customers, aside from The Grim Reaper, but each episode it remains just as empty. Perhaps there is a bigger reason behind Sunny’s lack of customers, or maybe it is truly a hole in the plot.

Check out several scenes that take place in her restaurant below.


Yoo In Na’s appearance is very elegant.

Sunny’s restaurant is so empty and slow paced that she has the freedom to do what she wants while working, including showing off her ring.

Sunny spots the Grim Reaper outside of her strangely empty restaurant.

The reflection in the window shows an empty restaurant.

The only other customers Sunny’s restaurant gets is ghosts.