Fans Are Going Crazy Over TWICE Jihyo’s Glamorous Figure

Jihyo will be known as the glamour queen of TWICE!

TWICE always looks lovely but since the group had their comeback with “Dance The Night Away” there is one member that has gotten even more attention for her good looks.


Netizens have been loving seeing Jihyo dressed in white and showing off her curves!


Everyone has fallen in love with her unique charms onstage and offstage!


While she looks like a goddess dressed in white on stage…


A simple white tank and jeans look just as glamorous!


The group was recently spotted heading to Music Bank and as soon as fans saw Jihyo they couldn’t stop their jaws from dropping.


Everyone thought Jihyo looked absolutely flawless.


And loved how she was showing off her figure in a very simple way!


Fans just couldn’t take their eyes off her!


And when netizens saw how stunning she was, they couldn’t help marveling at her beauty too!

  • “Jihyo’s been looking so cute lately!”

  • “Her eyes are just so pretty.”

  • “She’s petite but has such a nice body.”

  • “She can compete with champion Jun Hyosung with that body.”

  • “Jihyo has been looking so glamorous lately. She’s kept her body hidden for so long but now she’s showing it off a bit.”

  • “Her body looks crazy good!”


Although Jihyo may not be the official visual of TWICE, she’s certainly proved that she is a top visual too and is a complete goddess!

Source: TV Daily