Fans Going Wild Over “Rumours” This Idol Will be In “Guardians Of The Galaxy” 

It all started with one mention of a character in their latest song and then a tweet… 

And it was enough for Tablo to catch the attention of Guardians of The Galaxy director, James Gunn. 

On his recent updates on Twitter, Tablo was interacting with his fans when he received this comment from the director. 

He had the likes on Twitter to prove it! 

Tablo reposted the shots with comments such as, “THIS HAPPENED” and “I’m taking this seal of approval as a promise.” 


He even went on to volunteer himself for the role of Amadeus Cho from the Marvel series that earned another approval as well! 

This left his fans, especially those following the Marvel Universe, going crazy on this Twitter interaction. 

According to the character’s description, Amadeus Cho is a Korean-American genius… 

Almost similar to Tablo being a musical genius himself, right? We certainly approve!