Fans got extremely jealous when Nayeon did this scene [video]

TWICE‘s Nayeon starred in her very first kiss scene with BTOB‘s Minhyuk, and fans were left extremely jealous. The two idols were featured in several videos for MBig TV‘s web series Oh My God! Tip, where they acted in a series of comedic skits that taught viewers how to do things. In the first episode, titled K-pop idol’s Silent Farting Know-how, the scene concluded with Minhyuk leaning in to kiss Nayeon after the two finally farted in front of each other after 300 days of dating.

Although the kiss scene concluded off-screen, fans were nonetheless heartbroken after seeing Nayeon feature in her first romantic scene since her debut. Fans have been known to be quite protective of their idols. In fact, Nayeon’s fans even rejoiced when she lacked chemistry with duet partner EXO‘s Chanyeol during a special stage of  “Dream.”

Check out the full episode below: