Fans heartbroken by I.O.I’s lyrics in “Very Very Very”

Fans are saddened by IOI‘s lyrics in their latest comeback title song, “Very Very Very”.

IOI has officially made their comeback with title song, “Very Very Very”, today, October 16th. “Very Very Very” presents an adorable, colorful concept from the girls, which is much different from their hit song, “Whatta Man”.

News of their comeback caused fans to patiently wait for their comeback, but when fans saw the cryptic message in the official lyrics of “Very Very Very”, fans could not help being sad.

The lyrics go as follows, “Miss you very, very, very much/We’re now going to play a long game of hide and seek/No matter where we hide, even if we hide too long and you want to give up/Please don’t give up and remember us/And come find us”. 

Check out IOI’s “Very Very Very” and decide for yourself what the hidden meaning is behind these mysterious lyrics!

Source: Instiz