Fans Went Hysterical As An Unbothered Lady Walked Past BTS’s Jimin With Her Groceries

Out of the way Jimin, dinner needs to be made!

BTS‘s Jimin exited his car to walk into the 2020 KBS Gayo Daechukje (KBS Song Festival). His unique outfit caught much attention as it was one of his most stunning at the time. It even started the trending phrase “PRINCE JIMIN”.

| @notnowandyet/Twitter

Although Jimin’s beauty is absolutely mesmerizing, there is a reoccurring character in those photos that ARMYs couldn’t help but notice…

| @jiminbeakie/Twitter

Yes, this ahjumma (middle-aged woman/auntie) was caught in the middle of the crowd as she was taking her groceries home. And, from what we can see from her face, she is completely unbothered and/or possibly hasn’t even noticed.

As you’d expect, fans were laughing and freaking out as they thought about her nonchalance and the possibility of it being their own mother.

Many fans were very impressed by her power as they say if it were them, they would have fainted at the sight of Jimin and TV studio cameras. They hope to one day be like her.

We hope that “red groceries auntie” got home safe with her delicious food! Hopefully, her children/grandchildren aren’t too upset…


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