Fans Are In Love With NCT Taeyong And His New Hair Color

He looks like cotton candy.

NCT‘s Taeyong recently unveiled a unique new hair color, and fans are falling in love with how much it suits him!

The base color of his hair appears to be white, but he sports numerous different pastel colors in his hair. The most prominent colors being pink and blue, but fans are also spotting some purple. He looks like a walking rainbow!

Taeyong showed off the new ‘do during the KBS Gayo Daechukje, and it’s making fans go crazy. Some are saying it reminds them of fellow labelmate EXO‘s Sehun‘s old rainbow hair, which he rocked during their “Wolf” era.

The pastel colors look great with his milky white skin, making him look even softer than usual. Still, when he’s on stage, he’s the badass Lee Taeyong everyone knows and loves, and people hope the color stays!

He looks like a doll.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Pann