Fans Are In Need Of A Collaboration Of SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi With CHUNGHA ASAP

We need this collab ASAP!

In the “Escape Singing Room” episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, where SEVENTEEN needed to sing songs on the karaoke and get a score of 100 before they can leave. The boys really enjoyed themselves while they were singing to try and escape from the escape room!

The members sang a mix of old and more recent songs. One of the songs they sang was CHUNGHA‘s “Gotta Go,” where some members like SeungkwanJeonghan, and Hoshi danced some signature moves from the choreography!

After watching Hoshi sing and dance a part of “Gotta Go,” fans have demanded a much needed collaboration between the two!

Hoshi and CHUNGHA are both main dancers who were born in 1996 and who also have power vocals that definitely do not disappoint! It will be really exciting for fans if both of them ever collaborate!

Watch the full episode of “Escape Singing Room” Part 2 here: